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Monday, May 9, 2016

Some late night reflections

It's amazing the transition in education we have seen within living memory.  From my well-remembered and honourably-remembered grandfather who had no schooling at all (but was taught to read and write at home) to my son who went to a private school and who achieved academic distinction. I suppose it's progress.

A very old picture of my grandfather -- Jack Ray -- when he was young below.  He seems to have been a handsome Devil.

He certainly married two very nice ladies.  He married the second one within a week of the first one (my grandmother) dying of TB -- but that was the way they did things back then. There were little children to be looked after and Jack had an applicant -- the lovely Lucy Medlock. I remember her.

I know a lot about my ancestors and I am proud of them all. They were people of no formal distinction and negligible education but were quality people nonetheless. I am greatly privileged to have their genes.  I am in a very basic sense the person they have made me.

The miserabilism of the ever-whining Left and my own conservative contentment are a considerable contrast

Leftists these days often tell us to "check your privilege".  I do so often and am delighted by it but apparently you are supposed to be embarrassed and humiliated  by it.  In my case:  No way!

So does it mean that I am unkind?  I think not.  I give away more money than I spend on myself.  Can any Leftist say that?  They only want to give other people's money away!

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