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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers' Day

Suz and Russ put on a BBQ lunch for a few of us for Mothers' Day.  Russ cooked a big rolled-pork roast on his space-age BBQ that smelled good whilst cooking and tasted good too when we got it. It was served with roast vegetables so was very traditional.

Surprisingly, Ken and Maureen were there.  I thought they would have been cruising.  That is what they do these days, I think.

Nanna showed me the watch that she brought with the $100 present I gave her last Christmas.  Jenny said that she spent that $100 three times over. Nanna was as bright as ever. Pretty good for 91.

Joe tried to explain his work to Ken but I am not sure to what degree that succeeded.

With his broad shoulders Joe looked more like an athlete than an armchair inhabitant.  I asked Joe recently what was his view of the Chinese after his recent visit to the Middle Kingdom.  He answered with one word:  "Unbeatable".  He was impressed by their work ethic as well as by their intelligence.  He has always had Chinese friends.

A lot of the conversation was very geriatric -- about ailments, health insurance, hospitals etc.  I showed the scar on my leg from my most recent surgery.

Sahara has grown into a very pretty girl and Dusty has slowed down a lot.  Joe brought back from China a transformer robot for them -- which they had a lot of fun with.

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