Monday, December 16, 2019

The cousins

Von has just put up a lot of pictures from her recent visit to Brisbane.  The one below rather took my attention -- of the two young cousins strolling along together in an obviously relaxed way.  Will they have a future together in adulthood?  The fact that they come from families with similar values would facilitate that.

And to go really out on a limb:  Matthew will one day be rich and Hannah will always be beautiful.  And a rich man needs a beautiful wife and a beautiful lady needs a rich man.

Sorry if I seem maudlin.  I am even sober as I write this


I was indeed maudlin in writing the above.  Cousin marriage is in general inadvisable but can reasonably be risked  if the parents on both sides are healthy.  Cousin marriage is of course the norm in Muslim societies.

In the case above however both parents of the two young people have inherited their father's bad bones so a marriage there would be most inadvisable.

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