Old folk at lunch

Sunday, March 31, 2013


While Von and family are in town we obviously want to see as much of them as we can so I arranged a dosa lunch for us today.  Dosa lunches are always very much enjoyed.  The restaurant near me that does them makes a big thing of them on weekends and pulls out all the stops. So when you get a huge chrome plate with an even huger dosa on it, you know that good things lie in store.  And they do.

The puzzle is of course how to eat them.  I have no objection to eating them the Indian way (with hands only) but I try nonetheless to use cutlery.  I am sure it is a lot easier with hands only!

The surprise of the day was to find we had an accomplished little Indian among us in the form of 2 year old Hannah!  She tore up her pancake and dipped it in the various sauces like a veteran.  She particularly liked the chili sauce.

The dosa girl

Jenny, Nanna, Von, Simon, myself and Anne were the other participants.  We went back to my place afterwards for tea and coffee and another hour or so of chats.  I think what we mostly talked about was Hannah and New Zealand and family matters generally.  We were all greatly saddened to hear how poorly Davey is.

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