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Saturday, February 1, 2014

In memoriam

As army men tend to do, I have kept in touch with someone from my old army unit.  In my case it is our former sergeant major, a fellow classical music devotee.

He rang me today with some sad news.  Two former members have died recently:  Doug Tucker and John French  -- former Captain and former Staff Sergeant.  So this is my little  memorial to them.  I have vivid memories of both of them and it is hard to accept that they no longer exist.

Now that I am 70 I get that rather often.  People whom I remember as lively and fun people are just dead.  My imagination can not really cope with it.

One consolation today was that I heard there is one very senior member of our corps who is still going.  He must be in his 90s these days.  There are still some things that I want to ask him so it is very good of him to survive for so long!

I have put online all the academic journal articles I had published in the 70s and 80s -- and in consequence I do at times get people writing to me about them.  They obviously expect that I still exist and am as compos mentis as I was when I wrote the articles concerned.  Fortunately I am.  But what if I was dead  -- as many of my contemporaries are?  What would they do then?  I have no idea.

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