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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Woolworths frustrations

About 50% of all Australians shop at Woolworths.  And don't knock it.  I have shares in them.

But one of the big problems is that as soon as you find something you like there, they discontinue stocking it.  Some of us get quite paranoid about that.

Anyway, I have been spoilt in the cracker biscuit dept by some crackers Von brought over for me from NZ  -- Griffin's Meal Mate crackers.  When Von brings some over they last only days.

So I thought that there has got to be something similar in Woolworths.  And, rather crazily, I found that one of their home-brand cracker offerings was pretty good.  So as soon as I tried them, I went out and stocked up on another packet.  They were called "sea salt" crackers.

And you can guess the rest.  When I went in there today, no "sea salt" crackers were to be found.  They did however have some garlic crackers and I bought those.  And they are quite good too.  If only I had some of that NZ green tomato chutney to have on them ....

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