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Saturday, February 15, 2014

St Valentine

How did an obscure Catholic saint get such a following?  It's a bit like the Japanese celebrating Christmas I guess:  It's fun, not saintly.

I participated.  When Anne arrived at my place yesterday evening she got:  Roses, card, chocolates, a dinner and a present.  It was a present I knew she would like:  A lava lamp.  I have one and she often admires it. They were fashionable in the '70s but seem to be coming back.  Just two or three years ago I could not buy one but they have popped up in a couple of shops lately.

We dined at a very good Chinese restaurant not far from my place -- the New Sing Sing. Both the food and service is always good there. We had dim sims and chicken satay skewers as starters. I had BBQ roast duck as the main course and Anne had salt and pepper fish. I have long been of the view that only the Chinese know how to do duck. And they did! I ordered Fourex Gold for a drink and greatly enjoyed it. They serve their beer very cold there and it was a hot night.

And when we got home we had clootie dumpling with cold custard for dessert and a cup of tea to wash it down.  So we turned to both China and Scotland for our food.

And Anne made porridge for my breakfast this morning  -- which is always appreciated.

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