Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A home-cooked curry

As a thank you to me for getting Von and Simon over, Simon cooked me his version of a Balti curry for dinner over at Paul's place.  He is a good cook and normally does all the cooking for his little family.  There were just six of us present, including Anne.  Susan made a very nice cheesecake for dessert which she informed me was really an American Key Lime pie. Key limes must have come to Brisbane!  Susan is a keen cook too so Paul is a lucky man.  American pies are a marvel.  No wonder so many Americans are fat.

So we talked a bit about food in NZ and Von tried to encourage me to come over there for a visit.  I said that the food was the thing that was likely to tempt me.  As well as all the fresh fruit and veg., I gather that the meat pies are particularly good and I would of course be more than happy for Simon to try out his best recipes on me.  I was rather amazed to hear that even in the small town where they live, there are two restaurants and two cafes, including an Indian restaurant.

We talked a bit about current Australian politics and the mining industry, in which Paul has shares.  I have a few BHP shares.

But I think we mainly talked about the two little kiddies in front  of us and their future prospects -- how tall they would end up etc.  We also of course talked about the little girl who is due to make her debut into the world in early August.  All the adults present were parents so that line of talk came easily to us all.

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