Monday, March 4, 2013

An excision and a visit

These days I don't usually note here my surgical procedures but one  I had last Thursday is perhaps worth a note.  I had a largeish BCC on my upper back where there was not a lot of loose skin.  So I was dubious about how successful the excision would be.  I thought that even if the surgeon got a good closure there was a chance of the wound opening up as I rolled onto it during sleep etc.  So I was a bit freaked out going into surgery. It looks like Dr Hills did a good job, however, as it is now four days on and nothing adverse has happened.  It seems to be healing more slowly than usual but it is healing.

The procedure I had was done at the Spring Hill Eye Hospital (a private outfit a short drive from where I live) and I was probably a bit more crusty than usual because I was feeling a bit freaked.  So when an Eye hospital Privatbeamte (a good German word for a private bureaucrat) rang me a couple of days beforehand and told me I had to have someone pick me up after the procedure I rebelled.  I explained that I was only having a local anaesthetic so there was no reason why I could not go home by taxi.   He then insisted that it was Eye Hospital policy for someone to call and take me home.  Whereupon I told him to stick his policy up his posterior (I used a much less polite word) and slammed the phone down.  He then rang the surgeon who confirmed that it was OK for me to go home by taxi.  The bureaucrat couldn't argue with a medical opinion so conceded defeat.

And when I got to the hospital on the day, there was a long delay.  A procedure that should have begun at 8.45am did not and I was still on a trolley waiting at 10.30am.  So I said at that point I was going home.  Whereupon I was immediately wheeled off to theater and underwent the procedure.  The squeaky wheel gets the oil!

The day after the procedure, Paul & family turned up for a visit.  Paul was a bit down in the dumps over a family matter but I eventually found a solution to that.  I still look after both Paul and Joe in various ways at times.

Young Matthew was a delight as always with his enthusiasm for balloons.

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