Old folk at lunch

Sunday, March 24, 2013

A lunch

To make the most of Von being in town, Paul put on an open house today.  Most of us arrived at lunch time and there was a lot of food to go around.  Just about all the gang from last night turned up -- plus Tracy and Simon.  So several hours of relaxed chats were indulged in.  I heard quite a bit from Von, which I enjoyed.

As happens from time to time she reminded me of something I did in the past which I had quite forgotten.  She remembers my house at Gordonvale with particular fondness so she reminded me of a time there when I paid the kids to weed my pumpkin patch.  The pumpkin  vine there was a very vigorous one which spread right out and I rather admired it  -- so I must have wanted to encourage it.  Or maybe I just wanted to give the kids some pocket-money.

It seems that Davey was again too ill to come along but there was some idea that he might turn up that evening.  He has a quite serious illness,  which is particularly sad in one so young.

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