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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lord Monckton

Viscount Monckton, an hereditary peer, is in Queensland this week doing his usual thing:  Giving talks that expose the global warming fraud.  He is arguably the world's most prominent climate skeptic.

So on Monday last Michael Darby put on a party for him, to which I was invited.  I thought that Ken would like to meet Lord Monckton too so was successful in getting him added to the guest list.  I have known Darb for many years so was readily obliged.

There were about 30 of us there and I got into a conversation with Monckton as soon  as I arrived.  We talked about tactics and I offered some help for his latest project.

He is a tall man -- about 6' -- aged 61, with grey hair and a manner of relaxed confidence.  Being a peer is obviously a great help with the latter.  Considering that he is not a well man, he presents very well.  He suffers from Graves disease, which is hereditary and mainly a thyroid problem, and the most obvious symptom is bug-eyes.  That symptom is now quite marked in him so the disorder would seem to be gaining ground on him, which is a great pity.

I took note of how he dressed.  He dressed in a classic "smart" casual way, with grey woollen trousers and a dark blue jacket with metal buttons, sometimes known as a reefer jacket.  It was once quite a uniform for social occasions but anybody I see wearing it in Australia these days seems to be elderly.  I wore it myself on occasions for a while and still have a couple of jackets -- which, sadly, no longer fit.  On this occasion I wore a plain white shirt plus a pair of dark suit pants.

Monckton did of course give a short talk which was fluent, relaxed and witty.  He is a first-class public speaker who would adorn any occasion.

Ken found lots of people to talk to and seemed to enjoy himself.

Michael Darby made a good MC with his stentorian voice and he recited his poem about the church at one stage.  He is a good bush poet.

To feed us Michael got in a heap of pizzas and various hors d'oeuvres.  A couple of nice ladies talked to me, including a lady who seemed to be some sort of organizer for classical music concerts in Brisbane.

A famous American in blue and grey -- in the 60s

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