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Monday, January 7, 2013

A 95th!

Anne's mother has just turned 95 and is still mentally with it but physically frail of course.  Such an occasion could not go without celebration of course so we had a small party in the BBQ area of the nursing home late yesterday afternoon

The ladies all brought along their specialties for the party food and we had quite a good fruit punch to wash it down:  Anne brought  along one of her sandwich specialties  -- Hungarian open  sandwiches with Liptauer cheese spread.  Rather peskily,  Anne has to make her own Liptauer as it is not on sale anywhere in Brisbane that we know of.  Anne got it just right this time, however.

It was a very Presbyterian occasion -- no alcohol and no music -- which I entirely approved of.  Having myself once been a very strict Protestant, I am still at home with that outlook.

There were about 12 people present plus 3 littlies aged between 2 and 4.  It was a great pleasure to see the littlies doing what littlies do:  Running around like mad things.  They had a great time and we had a great time watching them.

Anne and her two sisters were present plus attached menfolk.  I talked mostly to Ralph as I usually do.  I think he is a real gent and is still pretty good at age 80.

I was a little bit hypnotized by one of Anne's nieces once removed. Zenia is a tall blue-eyed blonde university student with the emphasis on tall.  She arrived wearing short denim shorts that revealed what I think are the best pair of legs I have ever seen.  She could have stepped out of a fashion magazine. "Legs that go on forever" certainly describes Zenia.  I was pleased to see that she also seemed very self-confident and relaxed in the setting.  Confidence is a great asset and a pretty good predictor of strong mental health.

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