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Friday, January 18, 2013


After 60 years playing  in London, Agatha  Christie's "Mousetrap" rather  amazingly came to Brisbane  -- so I had to go.

I am a bit deaf even with my hearing aids in so  I missed a lot of the finer points   but I understood enough to follow the main points.  With its evocation of a snowed-in London and mention of child abuse,  it could have been written in London yesterday

I did guess correctly who the villain was and there were many fine points of staging and dialogue that kept the audience amused.

An odd point about the production was that everybody shouted at one-another all the time  -- which is most un-English.  I think that contributed to my incomprehension.

I would have thought that amplification of normally-spoken voices would have been much better.  And supertext would have been a boon.  There were a lot of elderly people in the audience who also most likely had age-related hearing loss.

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