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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Anne's birthday

Birthdays are of course a time for special dinners and chateaubriand is for both Anne and me a much appreciated dinner.  Probably because it is inevitably expensive, however, very few restaurants  offer it these days.  I used to be able to get it from both the Clansmen and Siggis but both those excellent restaurants are now only a memory.

With the help of Father Google however I was able to establish that there is ONE restaurant in Brisbane that still offers it:  One of the restaurants of the Hotel Bravo in Brunswick St, Valley. Their menu is here.

I was not very sanguine about them doing a good job of the dish but I booked anyway and we went along.  Below is what we got

To my surprise it was perfectly done.  Even the accompaniments were good.  And when I asked them to turn the music down, they did!  Service was good generally.

So we actually had a rather memorable dinner.  We were too full for desserts.

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