Old folk at lunch

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia day

We had our usual Australia day lunch for my rellies on my mother's side today.

It was raining heavily all day so that may have been why the gathering was smaller than usual.

Christopher had a range of old family photos on display which sparked a lot of discussion. I was amused to see my father in what looked like a gangster hat.

Kym did the cooking this year and provided us with lots of good things.  As usual, I stuck to sausages.

It's nice to be in the company of intelligent people and I think my rellies fill the bill there. There was a small example of it today. I asked what is the difference between Swedes and turnips? That would floor most people but my cousin Shirley immediately trotted out a good descriptive answer.

Swedes are called rutabagas in the USA.  They are traditionally eaten with haggis on Burns night and called "neeps" (after "Napus", the Latin word for a turnip) in Scotland.   "Swede" is short for "Swedish turnip", though it's not actually a turnip!

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