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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Big storms

Sunday and Monday (yesterday) were sub-cyclonic in Brisbane -- with big winds and pouring rain.  On Sunday evening, however, I just felt like fish 'n chips for dinner so went and got some.  The best fish 'n chips place I know at the moment is out at Manly, near where Anne lives, so it is a 20 minute drive.  I was one of the few on the road in the circumstances and I was nearly held up by some minor flooding across the road at one point.  But I got there and took the fish back to Anne's place to share.  I felt it was well worth the trip through the heavy weather.

And yesterday (Mon.) I woke up at 9am to find that the power was out.  I attempted to carry on blogging using my battery-powered netbook but the wireless dongle failed after only about half an hour.  I was rather displeased to find that my backup system had failed too.  But that's Telstra for you.

Anyway, I had a backlog of work I wanted to do on my geneology files so I got on with that for the rest of the morning.  The eventual product is now online  here.

When afternoon had arrived with no restoration of power, I rang  Jenny to see whether she had power,  She did so I went over there to do a bit of catching up on her computer.

Around 4:30, however, I went home to see if my own power had come on.  It had not.  But it did come on about 5pm so I caught up with a few things then.

Jenny had however invited me over for a dinner of chicken curry, which I was very pleased to accept.  So I went back to her place about 6pm and had an exceptionally good curry.  So I drove through heavy weather twice yesterday.  There was not much else on the road.  But good dinners are worth some trouble, I think.

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