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Friday, January 25, 2013

Burns night

I held what I intend to be my last Burns night tonight.  I have been putting them on sporadically for around 30 years so I think I have done my bit.  The big problem is that 25th is sandwiched between Anne's birthday and Australia day and my social energies are not quite up to that any more.

Anyway, it was only a small gathering and we skipped most of the customs.  Jill and Lewis were there as well as Anne and myself.  Anne did a great job of catering the occasion and the haggis was much enjoyed by all.  I still managed to get into my kilt but just barely!

I enjoyed the occasion but I was nonetheless not completely with it:  I prepared some Scottish music to play but forgot to turn it on;  I forgot to run the Scottish saltire up my flagpole;  I needed quite a lot of help from Anne to get into my kilt and I even spilled my beer at one stage.  I was halfway through my first beer at the time (Fourex Gold, a medium strength beer) so I was not Elephant's Trunk.

I ate so much haggis, neeps and tatties that I had no room for dessert -- so I missed out on some clootie dumpling.  And the Tablet went untouched! A surfeit of good food.

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