Monday, May 23, 2022

Visitors from NZ

Now that Jacinda has released her people  from the iron curtain that imprisoned them for so long, it is time for Kiwis to breathe free again.  

We have already had Pam come over and today we welcomed Suz and her daughter Sahara.  Because they could not fly directly from Invercargill, they had to get up early and spent most of the day travelling.  But they arrived in time for Jenny to put on a welcome dinner for them, with Joe, Pam, Ken and myself invited as well.

Jenny made two of her excellent Lasagnas so we were well fed. We spent a couple of hours talking before breaking up for the night.

Below is a picture of Sahara, now 12.

Friday, May 20, 2022

The ‘intimacy-desire paradox’

We read here

"That which we desire most in a relationship (read: security and comfort) rarely coexists with that which keeps us attracted to a partner (read: passion and sexual intimacy).

It’s a frustrating contradiction some sex therapists refer to as the ‘intimacy-desire paradox’. In short, this hypothesis proposes the more comfortable we are with someone, the more our sexual desire for them is likely to decline.

Which makes sense, given desire is essentially the result of wanting something we don’t already possess"

I have certainly experienced that in some of my relationships. I have got on so well with my partner that she seems like a sister to me. And there is a big taboo -- of probably biological origin -- which says you don't have sex with your sister. It is in fact the crime of incest. So my sex life rather petered out on those occasions, I am sorry to say

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Bob Katter: A Lebanese Aborigine?

Bob is very popular in Far North Queensland -- where I also come from.  All four of my grandparents were  born up that way, as I was. In my memory, the Far North was a very conservative place.  Views that today identify me as very conservative were simply normal during my early life in North Queensland.   It is my "spiritual" home.

It is over 30 years since I spent much time back up there, though I did have a couple of holidays there, with the last such being in 2004.  So I have often wondered if my old home is still as conservative as it was.  My impression is that not much has changed

And Bob's great popularity up that way confirms it.  He too is very consrervative. So I am rather pleased with his views and what he does. As a member of Federal parliament he represents the North well

But I don't like his claim to be Aboriginal. He bases that claim on once having been "adopted" into an Aboriginal tribe.  And under current Australian law, if he "identifies" as an Aborigine, he IS an Aborigine.  I am critical of that rule in general so I deplore Bob using it for political advantage.

In fact he is, if anything, Lebanese, though he fiercely denies it.  He grew up in a clothing shop run by his Lebanese grandfather.  It is a curiosity of North Queensland that there are or were in many towns a men's clothing shop run by Lebanese immigrants -- with surnames like Mellick and Malouf.  I remember them well.

The surname Katter is most common among Americans of German origin.  In German, a "Kater" is a tomcat

Bob Katter has declared his people made a 'big mistake' 250 years ago by letting in whitefellas, and that's why Australia should keep borders shut to asylum seekers ahead of Saturday's federal election as he prepares for his 10th win.

A surprising little-known fact about the controversial Queensland MP is that he identifies as Aboriginal, but Mr Katter recently spoke candidly about the subject during a TV appearance when addressing foreign policy and the plight of refugees.

'I come from Cloncurry, and I'm dark - I'm one of the Curry mob, you know?' Mr Katter said on ABC's Q&A.

'We made a hell of a bad mistake 150 years ago, letting you whitefellas in. I don't know that we should make the same mistake again.'

Friday, May 13, 2022


I have been shopping again

Below is Pam wearing a necklace I bought for her. She chose herself it so is very pleased with it. Pam is Jenny's bestie, recently released from the prison island across the Tasman

I also bought Zoe a string of pearls.  It is a small one as she likes small jewelery

Update: Zoe really liked the pearls. She said it was something that she had wanted. So here is another pic of her as she arrived this afternoon, looking pretty as usual. I really like the way she dresses.

I liked the matching shoes and jumper

Breaking my rib on 18 April greatly restricted what I can do. So it has affected our relationship quite a bit. She has remained affectionate and understanding but I have been unable to cuddle her, which we have both greatly missed. I am slowly healing however so today was the first day after 4 weeks that we were able to cuddle. Most pleasing

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Mothers' day

My mother is long ago deceased so I really have no-one to celebrate on the day.  I suppose I could get together with my siblings and have some sort of occasion to honour our mother but we have never done so.  I didn't like my mother very much anyway. But de mortuis nihil nisi bonum forbids me to expand on that.

What I have done on some past occasions is meet with family members who are mothers and have a nice lunch.  Most of the family concerned are overseas these days however so that was not on.

Zoe solved the problem for me today.  She said that she acts like my mother so I should shout her a lunch in honour of that.  So I did.  I took her to the Burmese at Stone's corner, where I regularly have the roast duck.  It was as good as ever today.

My fitness has undergone a fair bit of improvement recently as my broken bones slowly heal.  My foot seems to be completely healed and my ribs don't bother me if I move carefully.  One memorable thing in that department today was after we got home:  I sat Zoe on my knee.  It's decades since I have done that with a woman but Zoe is only 55kg so that made it possible.  It was a good experience. She makes a good playmate, among other things

Thursday, May 5, 2022


As the Apostle Paul said:  It is more blessed to give than to receive.  I have always believed that.  And because of some good decisions in my earlier life, I accumulated substantial financial assets.  And I have even managed to hang on to the assets so far. Making money is one thing but hanging onto it is another. A lot of people make big money but then go on to lose it.  

So I am in a position to give gifts to people in my orbit.  Most of my gifts have been quite small but some have been quite large. I have even given cars on some occasions.

One thing I have often done is give small items of costume jewellery to Anne.  I have put up pictures on this blog of some of the items concerned. I seem to have a good handle on her taste so I often buy the items before she sees them and they mostly seem to go down well.

Since early this year I have had a girlfriend in the person of Zoe so I have started to give her things too.  Below is a bracelet I recently bought her.  She was with me when I bought it and it was something she herself selected.  I thought it was particularly pretty so give a picture of it below

Anne has not been forgotten however.  Below is a bracelet I bought her just this morning.  She has not seen it yet.  I think it is rather striking

Today is also a red-letter day. Today I left my surgical "moon boot" at home. My broken ankle now seems to be fully healed. I am still walking around very cautiously however -- still using a walking stick

Tuesday, April 26, 2022


Yesterday was ANZAC day.  I have attended Dawn services and watched the marches on various occasions in the past in both Brisbane and Sydney.  It is both a solemn and a happy time.  I am quite disabled at the moment so I could not participate this year.  I did however do something both special and mundane:  Joe and I went to Macdonald's for brunch.  We in fact went to a local Macdonald's that Joe has been visiting since he was 4.

It was special because I am so disabled at the moment.  Joe had to help me quite a lot to get there. I had to lean on his strong arm while walking. But it was a pleasant occasion and made a very welcome outing for me.  Since I cracked a rib, outings have been few and far between.  I am not bedbound but I am decidedly housebound.  Just the day before, Joe and I had had our usual Sunday breakfast at home to cope with my limitations

ANZAC day is a people's day.  It marks the loss of thousands of ordinary men and women in the battles of WWI.  I myself did lose relatives in both WWI and WWII.  So it is a day on which we honour members of our own families:  Men and women who fought and died for "King and country" but who were really motivated by a wish to protect their own families.  It is Australia's greatest national occasion.

The "Courier Mail" has a splendid photo gallery of this year's occasion in Brisbane. I particularly liked the photo below. It was presumably a re-enactment group who had gone to the trouble of donning the army uniforms of WWI:

Note the Lewis gun. It was used a fair bit in WWI.

And if you look at the gallery as a whole you will note the large number of Australian flags being displayed.  It is a day on which we are openly proud of our Australian identity.  The Left have always hated it but they have never been able to ding it.  A novel mocking ANZAC day was even prescribed for High School reading during my teens.  I remember it well: Alan Seymour's "One day of the year".  

The day could have been one for old men to celebrate their past but it is not.  Old Diggers do of course lead the celebrations but young people also turn out in droves for the occasion.  The Left have forced much upon us but the people at large have thwarted that attack.  As an ex-digger myself, I am glad of that.

Monday, April 25, 2022


Any reader of this blog will have come across many mentions of Anne, a lady whom I have been seeing for many years. I see more of Zoe these days but I still see Anne.   So maybe I should at this time put up a small note about our relationship.

I met Anne on Sept 1, 2005.  In my December 2005 Christmas letter I commented as follows:

"I now have a new lady by the name of Anne. She is such a keen chorister that she is in two choirs so she and I share a lot of musical interests -- including an interest in early church music. 

Anne is a nurse by trade and tells me that everything you hear about the Queensland Health bureaucracy is true". 

Curiously, although Anne does not appear to believe in God in any way, she still has Presbyterian beliefs. How come? She still believes that: "it was all meant to be". The Scottish churches are of course all originally Calvinist and even the 39 "Articles of Religion" of the Church of England accept predestination in a convoluted sort of way but you never hear that belief preached from any pulpit that I know of these days".

And from the beginning of 2006 up until quite recently the occasional events  recorded on this blog have almost all featured Anne in one way or another

Anne and I continued together as partners -- seeing one-another just twice a week -- up until March, 2000. At that point she introduced me to another man she had had in her life for some time.  She had found a new partner.  After 14 years together and with both of us in our mid-70s, I had hoped that we were together for good.  But there were things that were important to Anne which I was not giving her so I did not for a moment blame her for looking elsewhere for those things. And getting them has drawn her close to George, her new bloke.

She told George from the beginning that I would remain important in her life so he has accepted that, apparently not without some reluctance.  And Anne has remained true to her word. We have continued to have meals together, though less frequently than before. 

Despite her seeing a lot of George, it was clear that Anne really did want as much as possible of our old relationship to continue.  I give her things that she treasures that George cannot give her. So we both agreed that our relationship was permanent, which I wanted. Because of her engrossing relationship with George however, we meet just once a week over breakfast, which is as enjoyable as ever

In summary, Anne's relationship with George has not stopped her from seeing me regularly and my relationship with Zoe has not stopped me from seeing Anne regularly

I met Zoe at the very beginning of 2022 but the story of my life before that is largely the story of my time with Anne.  Below are links which take you conveniently  to that story:

















Saturday, April 23, 2022


I have gradually put online a few memoirs of the relationships I have had over the years.  Below may however be the longest such memoir so far.  I kept detailed diary notes of my experiences with Geraldine at the time and below is an extensive extract from those notes.

From my earliest days, I assumed that I would one day meet a highly compatible lady, fall in love, marry her and live happily with her for the rest of my life. It's a common dream but has remained a dream for me in my 78 years so far. 

Along the way, however, I met many fine women whom I spent a lot of time with. They were very good years but none of the relationships proved permanent. I married four times in search of my ideal but after the fourth marriage broke up, I decided simply to accept what came my way. And much did.

I met Geraldine in 1999 when she was 51.  She replied to an advertisement of mine earlier on in February and we got on rather well over the phone but she cancelled two arrangements for a meeting on that occasion.  So she seemed a skittish woman from the outset.  I did however know that she liked Bach so that was a big advantage from my musically-obsessed point of view.  

We remained in some touch so we eventually got together in person in October.  I arranged to meet her at a pavement cafe ("La Dolce Vita") at the foot of Brisbane's mini Eiffel tower in Park Rd., Milton.  

After I made the appointment I realized, however, that I had a problem.  JHM and I were booked to go to a concert that same evening and it was one of the UQ Music Department's "Twilight" concerts -- starting at 6pm.  And to drive to the concert, get parked and walk to the venue all takes time.  So how was I going to fit in both the 4:30pm meeting with Geraldine  and the 6pm engagements?  

I mentioned the problem to JHM.   She suggested the only possible solution.  She would meet me at the Eiffel tower after I had time for my talk with Geraldine and we could proceed from there to the concert.  

So we did just that. I met Geraldine at 4.30pm at the Eiffel tower and sat talking with her there until JHM arrived at 5.15pm to collect me.  So poor Geraldine had the surely bemusing experience of sitting at a table talking to a prospective boyfriend only to have the man's beautiful ex-girlfriend roll up to collect him from her!  

I did explain in advance to Geraldine what my arrangements were so she did not seem put out and when I rang her after the concert (from JHM's place!) and asked her out to another concert on Sunday.  She accepted!  I thought she had a lot of heart in the circumstances.  What I did was certainly not the ideal way to win a fair lady, I would think.  But I did eventually win her.

Geraldine was a Primary School teacher when I met her --  5'5" tall, with an education degree and a diploma. She was at the time aged 51, had steady blue eyes, a slim waist, a nice figure and short brown hair.  She was rather more wrinkled than one would expect at her age -- probably because of her outdoorsy lifestyle and the fact that she was once a smoker.  

She was a very keen bushwalker -- in part, no doubt, because of the endorphins she got out of it.  She was even big on solo bushwalks.  

She was quiet to the point of taciturnity but as I am generally reserved too, I understood that.  She was also a good example for the saying that one should not judge a book by its cover:  Although seeming like a quiet little mouse, she was no mouse in the bedroom.  I liked that!  

Her husband was an accountant with OCD tendencies who had left her for another woman when she was 35.  He had however provided for her and her three children fairly well (giving her quite a lot of money every month) and given her the very pleasant matrimonial home in Brisbane's generally salubrious Western suburbs.

Anyway, I took her to the concert at the Customs House at lunchtime on 31 October 1999 and things went quite well between us. We went for a walk in the Botanical Gardens afterwards and talked a lot.  We had some lunch there at the kiosk and an NCOT at her pleasant Western suburbs house afterwards. She got my strange (very weak) tea right first time!  A clever woman.  I told her that I took my tea at Chinese strength and that is how she made it.  

She said afterwards that she would cook dinner for me on the Sunday but on Sunday morning she rang up and cancelled it.  On the Tuesday after that we had a phone conversation in which she announced that she did not want to see me any more.  Asked why, she said: "Because I feel a slut".  I tried to tell her that there was nothing to be concerned about but I could not persuade her.  There were of course other things about me that were bothering her as well but I had little idea of what they were at the time.  

I wrote her a letter afterwards  but that did no good either.  It was a pity because she seemed to have the basics of what I wanted -- a good mind, a liking for Bach, and a good figure.  She was however much quieter and more reserved than any woman I had ever met before.

Later in the year I sent her a Xmas card with a version of my usual Xmas letter in it.  In the letter I mentioned that an old girlfriend and I had got back together.  I mentioned that the lady had a higher degree in the social sciences and a great figure.

A naive person might think that a paragraph such as that would really hammer the nails into the coffin of any hopes I had for Geraldine.  It did the opposite, of course. Why?  Because: It confirmed that I was desirable, that I did not need her and that I would not be waiting around for her indefinitely.  It confirmed that breakups were not final for me, it showed that problems can take a while to sort out, that I am willing to work on problems for the sake of a relationship and that I was still thinking of her even while I was with another desirable woman.  It also took away any pressure from her to leap into a relationship with me straight away.  I intended it to generate jealousy and it did.

So she emailed me with congratulations on my new relationship and an invitation to join her on a Sunday drive up to Montville (an arty-crafty place), which I did.  She brought a picnic lunch with her and we had a nice day's outing, with lots of matters discussed.  From that point on it was clear that she had mostly overcome her reservations and was prepared to develop a relationship with me.

Christmas 1999 was something of a watershed in our relationship.  Geraldine had a custom of going for a week with her children every Christmas over to Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay for a relaxed time and to commune with nature. I went over to join her the Tuesday before Xmas and also on Boxing day.  We greatly enjoyed rambling about together looking at the scenery, swimming etc and also, of course, bedroom activities.  We both developed a marked increase in involvement on those two days.  

As I left after our Boxing Day meeting, she put two "Minties" in my pocket.  What a fine Australian girl!  Such a simple kind gesture so evocative of our shared ethnic Australian culture did endear her to me.  It was what a loving Australian mother might have done for one of her sons going off on a trip.

The relationship between us developed rapidly after that.  New Year's eve (the "Millennial" new year), on 31.12.1999 was particularly memorable. I felt that the occasion was certainly far more fun than a 56-year old deserved, despite being (unbelievably, I suppose) non-alcoholic.  I did abandon my teetotalling long enough to open a 30 year old bottle of "Arealva" Portuguese red wine that was left over from my drinking days but it was (surprise, surprise) off.  So I went back to lemon squash at that stage. 

I was well on the way to monogamy with Geraldine at that stage but had not quite got there.  I was still in transition from the previous girlfriend. It did however give me the most interesting New Year's eve I had had.  Quite Millennial:  

Our next day, the first day of the new millennium, was memorable too.  Geraldine arrived at my place at Forest St at 12.30pm equipped with picnic things.  We drove to the Moreton Bay foreshore at Wynnum and had our picnic lunch under a shady tree on the Esplanade there whilst enjoying the view out to sea.  The bright blue sky, the sand and mudflats in the foreground, the green sea in the middleground and the dark blue Bay islands in the distance made a pleasant scene, withlots of birdlife, some sailboats etc. as well.  We then went for a long ramble along the  foreshore.

We spent the rest of the afternon at her place talking and listening to CDs of Albinoni and other classical composers played on the computer she has in her bedroom.  Geraldine then made us some very good spaghetti for dinner.  We then drove up to the top of Brisbane's very own Mt Coot-tha equipped with a Thermos and drank our tea whilst enjoying the always pleasing spectacle of the multitudinous and many coloured lights of the city of Brisbane spread out all around below us and into the far distance.  

When we arrived back at Geraldine's place, we found that she had not taken her house keys with her.  So I had the unexpected excitement of climbing up on the roof and through a bedroom window to get us in.  Around 11pm, we had some
chocolates to eat and I then went home in a tired state.  We had two trips to scenic spots, two meals, several cups of tea, one swim and a roof excursion all in one day.  Active but very enjoyable!

Shortly thereafter she had a pre-booked walking trip to NZ, during which we corresponded

A little over a week after she got back, however, we broke up!  Her adult sons did not approve of her new relationship so that put pressure on her as she had devoted her life to them after her marriage breakup when she was 35 (she married at 22). 
I did get her back again after only 4 days apart but a week later she broke it off again.  After that breakup (the third), however, I decided that I would be foolish to attempt a full-time relationship with her again.  

Thinking about it at that time, it seemed to me that the major problem between us really was that Geraldine found the relationship with me to be very intense and just did not have the emotional energy to cope with it on a full-time basis. That did not seem likely to change but it seemed possible that we could still see one another on a part-time basis as long as we had both come to accept that developing it beyond that would be too ambitious.  

I certainly accepted that.  Even seeing one-another once a week would however seem to be a pretty good thing and could be an arrangement that would be stable over time.  That, after all, is how it was with JHM and me at the time.  Not that any two relationships are ever the same.  But whatever we did, I saw it as very important to have full disclosure to one-another of our thoughts about it.  I think we gave one-another unnecessary grief before that because of our tendency to hope for the best rather than work together on doubts and problems.  
Shortly after Geraldine and I had built up to seeing one-another four nights a week I stopped seeing other women and began a monogamous relationship with her.  She was really the only one I wanted to be with by that time, despite other lubricious opportunities. It still surprises me a little, however, that I was so romantic about her.  The other women around for me at the time were pretty good catches. In short, I passed over 4 remarkably attractive and intelligent women for a quiet little mouse!  Rather amazing. I just liked Geraldine's mind better.

Her skittishness however did not go away.  We continued to have lots of breakups and reunions and I eventually got tired of that and took up with another lady.  We were together in all for about two years.  We parted finally on 14th April, 2002.

Monday, April 18, 2022

A VERY mixed day

Zoe and I had arranged to go out for lunch yesterday.  She arrived at my place very late, however, as she often does.  It was nearly 3pm when she arrived and restaurants mostly close at 2:30 after lunch.  And the ones we were thinking of were all closed.
All was not lost however as there was a small cafe open just down the road which had a good menu.  So we went there

The seating, however consisted of backless stools -- so as I was settling in I leaned back and promptly fell off -- falling flat on  my back on the floor.  I didn't feel hurt anywhere so, after a couple of kind people helped me up, I continued with my meal. I had a burrito that I thought was very good and Zoe liked her vegetable salad

On the way, home, however,  I felt a lot of stabbing pains in my chest and suspected that I had damaged a rib in my fall.  Zoe and I however continued our date and had a very nice time for a few hours.  It was probably the most congenial time we have spent together.  So she want home in a happy state and sent me a very affectionate email when she got home.  

So I was and still am feeling very happy about my relationship with her.  I suspect that we have now done the hard yards and we will be happy together fairly permanently from now on.  I really have begun a good new relationship at age 78.

The downside was however my injury.  Jenny took me to the Wesley this morning for a scan and they confirmed that I have a small rib break on the upper left near my shoulder  So it is not very serious and should heal well enough on its own.  They think that I will be pain-free in a couple of weeks.

So it was good to establish a warm relationship with Zoe but bad that I broke a rib. If I move carefully, I can avoid much pain from the break.

Friday, April 15, 2022

I seem to have got my little Serb back

Which I am very glad about.  I do appreciate her.  She enlivens my life

Zoe and I had a bust-up recently but I persuaded her to have lunch with me today.  As most restaurants close on Good Friday, we had the meal at home.

Two things made a good impression on her.  I provided a lettuce for the salad instead of our usual spinach and I greeted her in good Russian when she arrived .  Serbs like Russians and vice versa.  Zoe learnt Russian at school.

Our time together went well and we have another date for Sunday lunch so I think we are back together.  There were sighs of contentment from her at a couple of points so I liked that.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Good duck

The duck is a very tasty bird but also is rather skinny.  There is not much meat on a duck.  I am always on the lookout for a good duck cook but mostly I find that the offering is both not very tasty and rather small. 

Today however Zoe and I went to the Burmese restaurant at Stones Corner for  lunch and I got quite a good meal of duck. It tasted ducky and there was plenty of it.  Zoe just had salad in her usual way.  

As I have a small break in my anke from a recent fall, I cannot drive -- but Zoe got me into her SUV and drove us both there.  I use just a moon boot to get around at the moment. I no longer use crutches or a walking stick.  Both Jenny and Anne also drive me around on occasions so my life is pretty close to normal.  I don't like driving anyway.  Joe drove the two of us to the pie shop as usual this morning

Monday, March 28, 2022


I am still taking it very carefully but have gradually become more able to get about without pain.  I mostly walk about the house using one crutch and with the boot on.  The boot is a bit uncomfortable but appears to have had a big role in healing. I can and do walk short distances without it now with no pain.  I take it off at night so I can sleep in some comfort so I do some very short walks at that time.  I can now actually get into my shower cubicle with neither crutch nor boot and no pain -- so that is a blessing.

My life has not been greatly disrupted by my fall.  I usually spend most of my day at my computer and I can still do that.  And last Sunday I made it to my usual Sunday breakfast at the pie-shop with Joe.  Joe has been enormously helpful in dealing with my temporary disability.

Zoe initially was upset by the change to our relationship caused by my fall but we have in fact continued our usual routine of Wednesday, Friday and Sunday dinners.  As usual, we had the dinners at my place with both of us contributing in various ways.  

Last night was a particularly pleasant night, with Zoe telling me about her past encounters with Serbian politics.  She strongly supported opposition to former President Boris Tadić (2004 to 2012) and felt unsafe in Serbia because  of that.  Living in Australia allays such concerns.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

A pesky episode

I have been having some arthritic pain in my right knee.  It comes and goes and is generally no great problem.  It became a problem last Saturday morning (19th), however.  As I was going down my front stairs, my knee suddenly "went" on me.  So I fell over abruptly and hurt my ankle. Falling on hardwood stairs is not a good thing to do so I had at least a sprained ankle and could only walk painfully from that point on.

So next day I arrived with Joe at the emergency department of the Wesley hospital seeking an x-ray to check for any broken bones.  One gets first class treatment at the Wesley with no waiting.  It costs rather a lot but I always go there if I can because I like the friendly and polite way I am treated there.  I saw an emergency physician who was very communicative and attentive and the x-rays were promptly ordered and carried  out. 

It turned out that I had broken a small bone in my foot. The doctor bandaged it up firmly and referred me to get a surgical "boot", which I did the next day.  So I am  hobbling along on crutches, greatly limiting what I can do. Rather disrupting things I had planned

Friday, March 18, 2022

Beside the seaside

Z asked me to take her to the beach.  Such a request in Brisbane would normally elicit a trip "down the coast" to Surfers Paradise, Greenmount, Currumbin etc.  And in the days of my youth, I often pointed my sky-blue VW beetle in that direction.

It is now many years since I have been there however and in my declining years I have a considerable aversion to sitting in traffic for the hour or so that such a trip entails.

So I took Z to the beach at Manly, which is only half an hour's drive from where I live.  It's not much of a beach but it is a reasonable venue for a picnic lunch, which is how I approached it.  Z was not too disappointed by it and we managed to have one of the raw food lunches that Z insists on.

After lunch was the big test however.  Z wanted me to join her sunbaking on the beach.  Given what the sun has given me in the form of skin cancer,  however it is many years since I have exposed my lily-white skin to the sun.  

But I am a reformed man these days.  Instead of frequently saying No to outing requests from a female partner, I am these days doing what I can to oblige.  So I agreed to join Z in the sun but added a warning that I doubted my ability to get up from lying on the beach.

And so it was.  In my elderly State I was unable to get up even if Z lent me a hand.  There was a fit young man nearby however so Z asked him for help.  He obliged and I was able to stand up in a rather wobbly state.

So Z did get a bit of time sunbaking but not much. With her trim and tanned little body she looked a real surfer chick.

On the way home my driving scared the wits out of Z a few times but no harm befell us.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

A rogues gallery

Some pictures of me in the last few years: Most recent last. My blotches have receded a lot in recent years

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

A small but amusing episode

It was rather warm this afternoon so Zoe and I were lying together in bed with an airconditioner above us putting out a pretty good icy blast.  

At one point I leant over to give Z a kiss, which was of course welcomed.  When I pulled  away from the kiss, Z said, "You are cold like a snake"  -- which cracked me up.  She was referring to my face being cold from the airconditioner blowing on it.  I said, "That's a strange thing to say to a man who has just given you a kiss."

She saw the point and said.  "It's my autism"  -- which it was.  Being autistic myself I am well used to autistic bluntness. I often sabotage myself that way. I once lost a lover because of it

Anyway, a picture of the guilty party below.  Like a lot of ladies she is into clothes and, fortunately, I like her taste.  I thought the blouse below was particularly pretty.

Friday, March 11, 2022

To Nandos with Zoe

I have eaten out a lot in my life but with Z we mostly eat at home.  She likes uncooked food so that limits restaurant options.  But Nandos do offer a couple of salads and that suits Z well enough.  So we decided to go there tonight.  

I was under strict orders from Z that I must have some salad. So Z had the Continental salad and I had the same plus chicken.  I have had rather a lot of chicken lately so friends should not be surprised if I start going cock-a-doodle-do occasionally

Z dressed for going out and as usual got a good result.  I thought she looked quite pretty in her outfit.  The yellows and browns went with her tanned skin,  She has a good figure so she wears clothes well.

The pic below was taken in night light so is a bit dark 

I supppose it must seem a bit soppy of me to put up pix of Z so often. Truth be told, I am really pleased to have a presentable girlfriend when we are both in our '70s. It's partly due to the fact that she works on her health and fitness. She RUNS several miles most days for exercise

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Living with Zoe

By the skin of her teeth Zoe managed to bypass the floods on Sunday and got over to  my place via Ipswich Rd.  But she could not get back. So here she stayed until around 5pm today, Wednesday.  And even then it took her 2 hours to get home via various detours.

So we were suddenly living together for 4 days, something unforeseen by us both.  We did have some frictions but we also had a lot of laughs so it all went reasonably well. She went home in a high mood. 

While she was here, she had a field day bullying me into eating raw food (fruit and salads) for my meals.  I didn't give in entirely however.  I had sausage rolls from time to time to meet my need for junk food.

Being confined by the floods she didn't have much to do  for a lot of the time here so she unleashed a cleaning blitz on my place. Some places got cleaned that had not been cleaned for years, given my bachelor habits. She even cleaned my assortment of power boards

This afternoon we undertook a short outing to Kangaroo Pt. to look at the flooded river.  It was indeed wide but still well below where we were standing.  See below


While Zoe was "housekeeping" at my place she showed a rare talent for Ikebana. Below are two lettuces in one of my vases

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Life goes on

Zoe and I are still getting used to one another amid a lot of positives.  Being involved with a passionate Southern European is a new experience for me but we have a lot in common and she is very bright and very feminine so it works.

It is however a great departure from the meek and orderly Australian women I am used to. Zoe arrived for lunch at 3pm yesterday, which might give you an idea of the difference.  I just rolled with it however.  No reproaches.  

She lives out Ipswich way but drove to my place at the Gabba  amid all the bad weather -- so that was impressive.

A picture below of her bringing cups of tea from the kitchen. I liked the pale blue blouse she was wearing.  She dresses very well.  

"And now for something completely different"

Zoe at the most recent "Pro-choice" demonstration in Brisbane. She and I both believe that taking the Covid vaccine should be a matter of personal choice, not compelled by any kind of government mandate or pressure.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

A lesson about depression

I am almost always buoyant in mood:  Nothing gets me down, almost.  I didn't know the meaning of the word "depression" until I was in my 40s. But I have not escaped so lightly since.

Being a high-functioning autistic, I have always found it easy to interest intelligent single women. My diversity in attitudes can generate a certain fascination. But it doesn't  last. I have had a lot of relationships but the ladies eventually walk away.  My communication deficits emerge and generate dissatisfaction.

That has rarely bothered me. In no time at all I just waltz into a new relationship feeling totally carefree.  No moping or reflecting at all.  But every suit of armour has its chinks and I have twice been very upset about losing a long relationship.  And that has led to serious depression, complete with the suicidal thoughts that usually accompany depression.  So I now know what depression is all about.

But the thought that has always sustained me at such times is an awareness that brighter times lie ahead.  If I were to commit suicide I know that I would miss out on many happy times that lie ahead for me.  And so it has happened.  

I had quite a bit of depression at the time of my near-fatal encounter with cancer last year.  But the happy times are now back.  My health is very good, my friendship with Anne is now warmer than ever, Zoe has stopped nagging me about my omnivorous diet and Jenny has come through her encounter with the dreaded virus in good shape.  And my relationship with Zoe is filled with lots of laughs.  I am a lucky man.