Saturday, June 19, 2021

Bad news

It now seems clear that I am dying.  It has not been as soon as I thought but it is relentless.

For over a year now what I can do physically has been diminishing.  The distance I can walk gets ever less. And now I can only just barely get up my front stairs

I had hoped that the immunotherapy might at least stop the decline but that has not happened. I will probably linger on for a little while yet but I am in good hands with Jenny and Joe as live-in carers so I should be as comfortable as possible.

It's amusing how life goes on, however.  I went to see my doctor last Thursday.  Dr Gahlot is an Indian lady who always impresses me by her wisdom. As I was leaving recently, however,  She said:"It is always a pleasure to see you, John". I am not quite sure what I did to deserve that.  She is a very pleasant lady. Jai Hind!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The recovery has begun

Or I hope it has, anyway.  I had the first shot of the immunotherapy drug this morning. It took only 30 minutes and was no drama.  Jenny and Joe both accompanied me into the treatment room. So my cancers should slowly fade away from now on

The oncologist was cautiously optimistic of a full recovery but there are no guarantees of course. There are three shots at  three weekly intervals, each costing $6,000  Neither the government nor my health fund contribute, as it is still formally in clinical trial.  Fortunately, I saved all my life for old-age expenses.

I am still in a bad way with stomach pains and general  weakness so far so I will really appreciate it if I do get better.  I am looking forward to having real dinners again instead of mush

Jenny had a birthday a little while ago.  I was too enervated to put anything up at the time but I did get Joe to run me in to where I could buy her some flowers.  See below.