Monday, July 21, 1997

54th birthday

My 54th. birthday was another good one. Jill and I first had a pre-birthday dinner with some old friends of Jill (Wendy and Barry) at the University of Queensland Staff Club dining room. They did a brilliant Wiener Schnitzel there at the time. I wore black tie, which Jill liked, of course.

Then Jill and I went to The Clansmen for a celebration dinner on the day itself. In general we went to either The Clansmen at Annerley or Weis's in Toowoomba to celebrate special occasions. The Clansmen is a Scottish restaurant a long way from Scotland and Weis's is a seafood restaurant a long way from the sea! Going to The Clansmen gives me the chance to wear the kilt and on this occasion, being winter, I wore my Highland jacket as well. Fun!

I rang in advance and even managed to talk the cook into doing a chateaubriand for us -- a dish which was very much out of fashion at the time.