Saturday, December 1, 1990

My Wynnum house

After my first Brisbane renovation job was finished, I decided that I had done well in creating extra value by renovating so found another house on which to repeat the process. That was at 43 Waterloo Esp in Wynnum.

When I first saw it, it had a white-ant problem, had holes in the floor and had lost many of its original internal walls. Apparently the owners at that time had considered demolishing it.

I saw that it was still mostly sound, however, and bought it. I then got Joe G. to put in new timber walls where the old had been, subdivided the bathroom into two bathrooms, modernized the kitchen and various other things. I also put in iron-lace (really aluminium copies) verandah railings.

It too was a very desirable house when I had finished with it (4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, airy new kitchen with attractive old coloured-glass casement windows).

I did at one stage want to move into it myself as its waterfront position would be hard to beat but it was so close to the neighbours on one side that you could hear their normal everyday conversations through the walls. Not for me!

Wynnum has always been my favourite Brisbane suburb so having one of the best houses on the Wynnum waterfront and not being able to move into it certainly was rather frustrating.

The house had the additional attraction at the time of an absolute forest of huge trees lining the long back yard. Anyway, I eventually sold the place for a lot more than I spent on it.