Tuesday, July 21, 1998

55th birthday

Jill and I got together for my 55th birthday. We went at 6pm to a "Twilight" concert at the Long Room of the old Customs House for a concert put on by the University of Queensland Department of Music. Some French Dances by Marais were the highlight of the programme for me.

Jill then took us to the Hilton for their smorgasbord -- which was very good indeed. She wore a very fancy and pretty cream-coloured crocheted blouse plus her black Harrods suit.

Afterwards we adjourned to her house ("Siena") for the rest of the evening. As Dorothy Hallam took me to dinner at the Sultan's Kitchen the night before and Jenny gave me a birthday lunch the following Saturday (with all the kids present) my 55th was a good one too.