Sunday, January 2, 2000

Diary of a day: Seeing in the new millennium

G** arrived at my place at Forest St at 12.30pm equipped with picnic things. We drove to the Moreton Bay foreshore at Wynnum and had our picnic lunch under a shady tree on the Esplanade there whilst enjoying the view out to sea. The bright blue sky, the sand and mudflats in the foreground, the green sea in the middleground and the dark blue Bay islands in the distance made a pleasant scene -- with lots of birdlife, some sailboats etc. as well. We then went for a long ramble along the foreshore.

Afterwards we drove back to G**'s place and had a swim in her pool. Afterwards, we had a shower together to rinse the chlorine off. We got pretty friendly in the shower however so I ended up dragging her out of the shower and into the bedroom, throwing her onto the bed dripping wet and "having" her there and then -- which she absolutely loved.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in bed talking and listening to CDs of Albinoni and other classical composers played on the computer she had in her bedroom. G** then made us some very good spaghetti for dinner.

We then drove up to the top of Brisbane's very own Mt Coot-tha equipped with a Thermos and drank our tea whilst enjoying the always pleasing spectacle of the multitudinous and many coloured lights of the city of Brisbane spread out all around below us and into the far distance.

When we arrived back at G**'s place, we found that she had not taken her house keys with her. So I had the unexpected excitement of climbing up on the roof and through a bedroom window to get us in. We then adjourned forthwith to bed with much activity ensuing. Around 11pm, we had some chocolates to eat and I then went home in a pretty knackered state.

So we had two trips to scenic spots, much bedtime, two meals, several cups of tea, one swim and a roof excursion all in one day. Active but very enjoyable!