Monday, March 5, 2012

A picnic

Last Friday Anne and I went for a picnic brunch at Wynnum. I love Wynnum. It gives me a feeling of calm. We found a shelter overlooking the sea near Sallyanne's beach.

Anne had prepared chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches which were very good and we Humbered out there. The Humber gives me a feeling of being on an expedition

And the only euphoriant we took was mineral water!

So after the picnic did we drop into Anne's Tingalpa home for a cup of tea? Not on your Nellie! We Humbered back to my place (with a stop at Aldi for bargains) where Anne shortly thereafter departed to view a performance of the final part of Wagner's Ring Cycle. I am myself approving of opera -- within some limits -- but Annne knows no limits in that department.

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