Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Shingle Inn

As a former customer of the old Shingle Inn I was rather upset when it was pulled apart as part of a big redevelopment in Edward St.  Its inimitable 1920s style (though it was built in the 1930s) has now become very rare in Australia and losing Brisbane's best example of it seemed unforgivable.

Fortunately, most of Brisbane seems to have felt the same way and the project was given the go-ahead  only on the condition that the structure was saved for re-erection elsewhere.

For a couple of years, however, nothing was done to reconstitute it because of disagreements about where it would go. Eventually, however, someone had the bright idea of incorporating it into the big refurbishment of City Hall.  And there it is today, wonderfully restored.  It was re-opened only last April but I put off going there for fear of disappointment.  When Anne and I went there this morning for coffee and cakes, however,  all was in order and we were both delighted.

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