Thursday, May 5, 2022


As the Apostle Paul said:  It is more blessed to give than to receive.  I have always believed that.  And because of some good decisions in my earlier life, I accumulated substantial financial assets.  And I have even managed to hang on to the assets so far. Making money is one thing but hanging onto it is another. A lot of people make big money but then go on to lose it.  

So I am in a position to give gifts to people in my orbit.  Most of my gifts have been quite small but some have been quite large. I have even given cars on some occasions.

One thing I have often done is give small items of costume jewellery to Anne.  I have put up pictures on this blog of some of the items concerned. I seem to have a good handle on her taste so I often buy the items before she sees them and they mostly seem to go down well.

Since early this year I have had a girlfriend in the person of Zoe so I have started to give her things too.  Below is a bracelet I recently bought her.  She was with me when I bought it and it was something she herself selected.  I thought it was particularly pretty so give a picture of it below

Anne has not been forgotten however.  Below is a bracelet I bought her just this morning.  She has not seen it yet.  I think it is rather striking

Today is also a red-letter day. Today I left my surgical "moon boot" at home. My broken ankle now seems to be fully healed. I am still walking around very cautiously however -- still using a walking stick

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