Thursday, August 12, 2021


Magic words those.  The cancers in my stomach are gone.  I have always had a good immune system and over a 9 week period the immunotherapy has energized it into completely killing the cancer cells

My life expectancy is once again measurable in years

At dinner that night we had  a Black Forest torte to celebrate


The treatment I received  was KEYTRUDA, which has shown "sustained, long-term survival benefit and durable responses".  So the cancers should stay away

The diagnosis of remission was based on PET scans.  My most recent PET scan showed nothing where there had previously been cancer

My treatment was over 9 weeks, which is very short.  Some treatments run for 30 weeks


  1. Congratulations! May your healthy attitudes continue to serve you well.

    In one of your blogs you wrote about Charles Krauthammer and the column he made nearing the end of his battle with abdominal cancer. In light of his situation I though the column was worded with calm dignity. I bought his last book and have not finished it yet but I have noticed something. Considering he was Jewish and the battle of their people, especially in WWII - in that regard - Krauthammer is a bit of a peculiar surname? I think it is.