Friday, March 18, 2022

Beside the seaside

Z asked me to take her to the beach.  Such a request in Brisbane would normally elicit a trip "down the coast" to Surfers Paradise, Greenmount, Currumbin etc.  And in the days of my youth, I often pointed my sky-blue VW beetle in that direction.

It is now many years since I have been there however and in my declining years I have a considerable aversion to sitting in traffic for the hour or so that such a trip entails.

So I took Z to the beach at Manly, which is only half an hour's drive from where I live.  It's not much of a beach but it is a reasonable venue for a picnic lunch, which is how I approached it.  Z was not too disappointed by it and we managed to have one of the raw food lunches that Z insists on.

After lunch was the big test however.  Z wanted me to join her sunbaking on the beach.  Given what the sun has given me in the form of skin cancer,  however it is many years since I have exposed my lily-white skin to the sun.  

But I am a reformed man these days.  Instead of frequently saying No to outing requests from a female partner, I am these days doing what I can to oblige.  So I agreed to join Z in the sun but added a warning that I doubted my ability to get up from lying on the beach.

And so it was.  In my elderly State I was unable to get up even if Z lent me a hand.  There was a fit young man nearby however so Z asked him for help.  He obliged and I was able to stand up in a rather wobbly state.

So Z did get a bit of time sunbaking but not much. With her trim and tanned little body she looked a real surfer chick.

On the way home my driving scared the wits out of Z a few times but no harm befell us.

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