Monday, April 18, 2022

A VERY mixed day

Zoe and I had arranged to go out for lunch yesterday.  She arrived at my place very late, however, as she often does.  It was nearly 3pm when she arrived and restaurants mostly close at 2:30 after lunch.  And the ones we were thinking of were all closed.
All was not lost however as there was a small cafe open just down the road which had a good menu.  So we went there

The seating, however consisted of backless stools -- so as I was settling in I leaned back and promptly fell off -- falling flat on  my back on the floor.  I didn't feel hurt anywhere so, after a couple of kind people helped me up, I continued with my meal. I had a burrito that I thought was very good and Zoe liked her vegetable salad

On the way, home, however,  I felt a lot of stabbing pains in my chest and suspected that I had damaged a rib in my fall.  Zoe and I however continued our date and had a very nice time for a few hours.  It was probably the most congenial time we have spent together.  So she want home in a happy state and sent me a very affectionate email when she got home.  

So I was and still am feeling very happy about my relationship with her.  I suspect that we have now done the hard yards and we will be happy together fairly permanently from now on.  I really have begun a good new relationship at age 78.

The downside was however my injury.  Jenny took me to the Wesley this morning for a scan and they confirmed that I have a small rib break on the upper left near my shoulder  So it is not very serious and should heal well enough on its own.  They think that I will be pain-free in a couple of weeks.

So it was good to establish a warm relationship with Zoe but bad that I broke a rib. If I move carefully, I can avoid much pain from the break.

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