Sunday, April 3, 2022

Good duck

The duck is a very tasty bird but also is rather skinny.  There is not much meat on a duck.  I am always on the lookout for a good duck cook but mostly I find that the offering is both not very tasty and rather small. 

Today however Zoe and I went to the Burmese restaurant at Stones Corner for  lunch and I got quite a good meal of duck. It tasted ducky and there was plenty of it.  Zoe just had salad in her usual way.  

As I have a small break in my anke from a recent fall, I cannot drive -- but Zoe got me into her SUV and drove us both there.  I use just a moon boot to get around at the moment. I no longer use crutches or a walking stick.  Both Jenny and Anne also drive me around on occasions so my life is pretty close to normal.  I don't like driving anyway.  Joe drove the two of us to the pie shop as usual this morning

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  1. I have not tasted duck but recently had a near salad experience. That is, I cut myself silly while washing a knife so ended up making no salad. Mixing the latter with chicken, now that I find tasty and enjoyable.