Friday, April 15, 2022

I seem to have got my little Serb back

Which I am very glad about.  I do appreciate her.  She enlivens my life

Zoe and I had a bust-up recently but I persuaded her to have lunch with me today.  As most restaurants close on Good Friday, we had the meal at home.

Two things made a good impression on her.  I provided a lettuce for the salad instead of our usual spinach and I greeted her in good Russian when she arrived .  Serbs like Russians and vice versa.  Zoe learnt Russian at school.

Our time together went well and we have another date for Sunday lunch so I think we are back together.  There were sighs of contentment from her at a couple of points so I liked that.


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  2. I have had tinnitus since childhood. I just ignore it

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