Thursday, September 30, 2021

The one night of the week

Most nights Jenny comes over and cooks dinner for herself, myself and Joe.  So we regularly have family dinners!

On Wednesday, however, Jenny stays home at her place and has a craft night with her lady friends.  On that night I cook for myself and Joe.  I am no chef but there are a few simple things that I cook which turn out fairly well.

I have a Ukrainian tenant named Vlad who lives downststairs.  He doesn't seem to have much of a life but is always cheerful, helpful and ready for a chat.  Recently, he had some medical problems that were clearly getting him down.  So I thought to cheer him up by inviting him  to share our Wednesday dinners.

That worked out well.  Some nights Joe is held up at work and misses the set dinnertime.  On those occasions I do still have company at dinner -- Vlad.  I much prefer that to eating alone, though I have done plenty of solo dining over the years

And Vlad also happens to like classical music so is also happy to sit with me  when I put on classical music after dinner.  So including Vlad works well.

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  1. I prefer most things solo over bad company but I find good company is better than most things solo.

    I have moved around at work lately to try different offices due to unstable tinnitus. Today I moved to a solo office. It was a pleasant respite from noise and some of the lingering moaning and groaning. I was pleased to start the day with a short chat with a jovial fellow next door. I have gotten to know a couple recently at work and they both popped in at separate times for a talk. I told them it is not hard to tell that they value kindness seeing that they are both kind people. They carry good heads to top it off. Good company indeed, but a good heart is a good start, it does not have to be complicated.